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Wat Ko Keo Sutharam Phetchburi Information Guide

Wat Ko Keo Sutharam Phetchburi Thailand

Petchburi's most famous temple is a must-see for all visitors. Inside the small bofare some of Thailand's finest, best-preserved, and oldest murals, dated by inscription to 1734. Side walls of dramatic triangles show scenes from the life of the Buddha and comical figures of Arab merchants, a Jesuit wearing the robes of a Buddhist monk, and other big-nosed farangs. Facing the Buddha is a wall of Buddhist cosmology— usually placed behindthe Buddha image—while the posterior wall shows Buddha's victory over the temptations of Mara. Just below the central Buddha image is long-haired Torani, the earth goddess so impressed by Buddha's willpower that she washed away Mara's evil armies by wringing water from her hair. The superb execution, careful attention to detail, and high degree of originality make these murals among the great achievements of Thai art. Also located in the wat compound are several elevated monastic buildings blessed with a linear sobriety rarely seen in modern Thai architecture.

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