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Nearby Islands in Ranong Thailand

Ko Kam Yai: Some 15 km southwest of Bang Ben is a large island set with grassy campgrounds, large bungalows deserted on weekdays, an excellent beach, and fantastic coral and marinelife.

Ko Kam Noi: A few hundred meters from of Ko Kam Yai is another pristine island blessed with aquamarine waters perfect for snorkeling and grassy campgrounds watered by freshwater springs.

Ko Phayam : This surprisingly large island, 18 km northwest of Bang Ben, te home to several hundred chao lae or "sea gypsies" who live nomadic lifestyles and are recognized for their animist religious practices and unique skills as divers and fishermen.

Ko Chang : Not to be confused with the island near the Cambodian border, Ko Chang ("Elephant Island") is a large and beautiful island midway between park headquarters at Bang Ben and the provincial capital of Ranong. Ko Chang can be reached by boat from Bang Ben or through the Jansom Thara Restaurant in Ranong..

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